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How to get the most out of your construction leads

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Following on from our previous ‘What is a construction lead’ blog: You now have the leads but aren’t sure how to manage/use them effectively. Not to worry, Barbour ABI is the market leading supplier of building and construction projects leads in the UK, so we know more than anybody about how to get the most … Read more

Digging For Gold Without Tools

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Mastering LinkedIn for sales Enquiries You are one of 700 million business professionals using LinkedIn to grow your networks, share content, for recruitment and, like many of your targets, to make business decisions. If you’re marketing on behalf of a business, mastering LinkedIn should be a key part of your strategic plan to grow sales enquiries … Read more

What is a construction lead?

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You or your company want to gain more sales and grow your pipeline, but you’re not sure how to do it? Currently, your pipeline may be busy but the construction industry is known for working in advance. So how do you win new work and build relationships within the industry? The answer is through construction … Read more

How To Boost The Impact of Your Email Marketing

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WANT TO BOOST EMAIL MARKETING IMPACT? You need quality data… with a human edge Here at Barbour ABI, we deal in the full spectrum of construction sales leads, from the earliest stages of planning through to contract awards. Our in-house research team – the largest in our industry- has accumulated an absolute mine of information … Read more

How To Improve Email Open Rates

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Tried and tested subject line solutions Do your email open rates leave a lot to be desired? Can’t work out why your brilliantly written emails aren’t getting the results they deserve? The benchmark for the construction sector is a 21.7% open rate. If you’re not hitting or smashing this average, we can help. Before we tackle that, let … Read more

How To Generate More Leads Through SEO

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Our 4-step guide to building a better Google ranking 89% of B2B buyers use Google to find products, services and businesses. When prospects begin searching for businesses for their next construction project, you want yours to be top of the pile. This is why search engine optimisation (SEO) is critical for making connections and growing your new … Read more

How To Construct Great Blog Content

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There is innovation in the air right now. Have you felt it too? Whether that be product development, using technology to disrupt processes or simply transforming marketing efficacy; a thirst to strive for a better, safer industry, coupled with the winds of change prompted by the pandemic have created a dynamic environment. Barbour ABI is … Read more

The CEO’s Role in Marketing 

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The CEO’s Role in Marketing With clean energy goals in place, Executives have an opportunity to get in front of the camera and educate their audience about what can be done to meet these requirements. But when you’re running a business it’s hard to feel like it’s worth your time to create videos, blogs, and helpful content pieces. Surely a phone call or a meeting is more important? Don’t … Read more

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