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Top Construction Projects in Yorkshire & the Humber

by Barbour ABI Content Team

Sofia Offshore Wind Farm Becomes Top Construction Project in Yorkshire & the Humber

We’ve curated the Barbour ABI data to bring you the top construction projects within the Yorkshire & the Humber region. This includes the top construction projects by total value across all sectors, that are due to start within a 12-month period.

The latest data for Yorkshire & the Humber construction projects sees the Sofia 1.4GW Offshore Wind Farm lead the way, with a value of £3.5bn. The wind farm is followed by the South Bank Industrial Zone Manufacturing Facility project, and the Leeds General Infirmary project, each valued at £2.5bn and £1.8bn respectively.

Top Construction Projects 2023

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PositionProjectMain SectorLocationStart DateValue of ProjectProject IDView Project*
1Sofia 1.4GW Offshore Wind FarmUtilitiesYorkshire2023£3,500,000,00011857688View project
2South Bank Industrial Zone - Manufacturing FacilityIndustrialYorkshireDec-23£2,500,000,00012515856View project
3Leeds General Infirmary - Expansion MasterplanHealthcareYorkshireQ2 2023£1,750,000,00012390999View project
4Cattal - Maltkiln Village MasterplanResidentialYorkshireDec-23£1,500,000,00012412316View project
5Leeds Road DevelopmentResidentialYorkshireSep-23£1,500,000,00012519150View project
6CEG: South Bank - Phase 2ResidentialYorkshireSep-23£1,169,383,70612313763View project
7Redcar Bulk Terminal - 49.9MW Waste to Energy PlantUtilitiesYorkshireNov-23£1,169,383,70612415382View project
8New (Central) Tees CrossingInfrastructureYorkshireQ4 2023£1,000,000,00012242665View project
9Graythorp Energy Centre - CHP PlantUtilitiesYorkshireQ4 2023£1,000,000,00012467663View project
10Ripon Barracks - 1300 Houses, Shops & OfficesResidentialYorkshireOct-23£1,000,000,00012444172View project
11Wilton International, Plot 1A & 1B - Tees Lithium Hydroxide Manufacturing PlantIndustrialYorkshireJun-23£950,000,00012669226View project
12Lisbon Street - 629 Flats, 120 Bed Hotel & Student AccommodationResidentialYorkshireJul-23£950,000,00012582314View project
13Doncaster Sheffield Airport - East Coast Main Line StationInfrastructureYorkshireApr-23£950,000,00012445987View project
14BH Energy Gap - 34MW Energy Recovery FacilityUtilitiesYorkshireSep-23£857,100,00012519835View project
15Long Acres, Teesworks - Industrial DevelopmentIndustrialYorkshireQ1 2023£850,000,00012550329View project
16Sweet Street West - 451 Flats, Offices & Commercial UnitsResidentialYorkshireOct-23£800,000,00012651913View project
17Little Crow 200MW Solar ParkUtilitiesHumbersideDec-23£750,000,00012628070View project
18Saltend Chemicals Park- Processing FacilityIndustrialYorkshireJul-23£600,000,00012549597View project
19British Sugar Factory Site Masterplan - Option 2ResidentialYorkshireSep-23£600,000,00012130185View project
20South Bank Development, Globe Road - 783 Apartments & RetailResidentialYorkshireSep-23£600,000,00012347447View project
2187-91 Kirkstall Road - 618 FlatsResidentialYorkshireDec-23£600,000,00012512844View project
22Associated British Ports - Immingham Eastern Ro-Ro TerminalInfrastructureHumbersideSep-23£571,000,00012638568View project
23Next, E4 South Elmsall - Warehouse & Distribution CentreIndustrialYorkshireJun-23£571,000,00012617506View project
24Able Humber Port - AMEP Area K Monopile Facility WorksIndustrialHumbersideJul-23£571,000,00012581418View project
25Climate Innovation District Phase 3 - Multi Generation BuildingEducationYorkshireSep-23£526,000,00012454332View project
26York Potash Project - Materials Handling FacilityIndustrialYorkshireOct-23£526,000,00012097472View project
27Leeds East Airport - Church Fenton StudiosUtilitiesYorkshireJun-23£500,000,00012376863View project
28Whitehall Riverside - 500 Apartments/RetailResidentialYorkshireMay-23£500,000,00012614480View project
29Westbank Leeds, Water Lane - 205 Bed Hotel & 2 OfficesCommercial & RetailYorkshireSep-23£500,000,00012681729View project
30Port Of Immingham & Hull - Freight Terminal DevelopmentInfrastructureYorkshireQ3 2023£500,000,00012402927View project
31Meadowhall Shopping Centre - Mixed Use DevelopmentCommercial & RetailYorkshireSep-23£500,000,00012615280View project
32Wellington Street - Office RedevelopmentCommercial & RetailYorkshireJul-23£500,000,00012454753View project
33West Lane - 390 HousesResidentialYorkshireJun-23£487,500,00012262935View project
34Point 36, Tom Pudding Way - Industrial DevelopmentIndustrialYorkshireJul-23£480,000,00012609136View project
35Beck Yard - 375 FlatsResidentialYorkshireJul-23£480,000,00012618740View project
36Latitude Blue - 500 FlatsResidentialYorkshireJul-23£450,000,00012602412View project
37Melton West Business Park - Medical Manufacturer FacilityIndustrialYorkshireSep-23£450,000,00012641798View project
38Smith & Nephew - Development & Manufacturing FacilityIndustrialYorkshireQ3 2023£450,000,00012533879View project
39Bridge Street Development, Phase 2 - 578 Flats/RetailResidentialYorkshireAug-23£450,000,00012408186View project
40Houghton Main - Renewable Energy ParkUtilitiesYorkshireSep-23£450,000,00012074234View project
41Swinnow Park - 785 Houses/ApartmentsResidentialYorkshireSep-23£450,000,00012606498View project
42Yorkshire Water Services Limited - Facilities ManagementUtilitiesYorkshireJan-23£437,000,00012656079View project
43Leeds City College - Mabgate CampusEducationYorkshireSep-23£437,000,00012521895View project
44Panattoni Doncaster 420, Doncaster Sheffield Airport - Distribution BuildingIndustrialYorkshireMar-23£431,000,00012646584View project
45Sheffield Forgemasters, Project Conan - Forge BuildingIndustrialYorkshireApr-23£429,000,00012605705View project
46A59 Kex Gill Realignment ProjectInfrastructureYorkshireApr-23£400,000,00012232467View project
47Lake Waverley - 399 Houses/52 Flats - Phase 4A & BResidentialYorkshireQ4 2023£400,000,00012656878View project
48Yorkshire - Waste Water ImprovementsUtilitiesYorkshireQ4 2023£400,000,00012698693View project
49Wawne Road, Phase 2 - 663 HousesResidentialYorkshireFeb-23£400,000,00012556327View project
501 Skinner Street - 399 FlatsResidentialYorkshireJun-23£400,000,00012640916View project
51A1237 York Outer Ring Road - Road ImprovementsInfrastructureYorkshireSep-23£400,000,00012665581View project
52Eggborough Power Station Redevelopment - 2 Employment UnitsIndustrialYorkshireAug-23£400,000,00012481046View project
53Maritime Site, Baytree - 3 Distribution Warehouse UnitsIndustrialYorkshireJul-23£400,000,00012628564View project
54Back Lane, Skerne - 45MW Solar Farm & 30MW Battery StorageUtilitiesYorkshireSep-23£400,000,00012516934View project
55West Moor Park, Armthorpe, Plot B - Distribution WarehouseIndustrialYorkshireMay-23£400,000,00012510925View project
56NetPark Phase 3a - 10 Business UnitsCommercial & RetailYorkshireJul-23£400,000,00012603675View project
57Kirkstall Road - Phase 1 - 324 Flats & Commercial SpaceResidentialYorkshireFeb-23£400,000,00012344456View project
58Junction 52 On The A1, Catterick Pallett Hill Farm - Roadchef MotorwaysCommercial & RetailYorkshireAug-23£400,000,00012455106View project
59Grove Hill, Middlesbrough - 296 HousesResidentialYorkshireSep-23£400,000,00012529157View project
60Scotch Corner Designer OutletCommercial & RetailYorkshireApr-23£400,000,00012093716View project
61Catterick Integrated Care CampusHealthcareYorkshireSep-23£400,000,00012532788View project
62Soothill Lane, Batley - 319 HousesResidentialYorkshireApr-23£400,000,00012440775View project
63Edenthorpe, Doncaster - 522 HousesResidentialYorkshireJan-23£380,000,00012625421View project
64Field House 40MW Solar Farm & Battery StorageUtilitiesYorkshireOct-23£380,000,00012565944View project
65Middlesbrough Development Corporation - Gresham DevelopmentInfrastructureYorkshireAug-23£350,000,00012699753View project
66Scurf Dyke - 49.9MW Solar FarmUtilitiesYorkshireMay-23£350,000,00012486597View project
67Sun Lane & Ilkley Road - 500 HousesResidentialYorkshireDec-23£348,385,50012609862View project
68Hulam Farm, Hutton Henry - 49.9MW Solar FarmYorkshireSep-23£328,727,26712484551View project
69Hatfield Lane, Armthorpe - Two Distribution UnitsCommercial & RetailYorkshireMar-23£324,500,00012004505View project
70High Middlefield Farm - 49.95MW Battery Storage FacilityUtilitiesYorkshireJan-23£324,500,00012231910View project
71Warren Farm, Dunsville - Solar Farm & Battery StorageUtilitiesYorkshireSep-23£320,000,00012552416View project
72Kenley 49.9MW Solar FarmUtilitiesYorkshireQ3 2023£315,000,00012639183View project
73Station Road, West Heslerton - Solar Farm & Battery StorageUtilitiesYorkshireQ1 2023£312,000,00012583832View project
74Lady Ings Farm, Middlestown - Solar Photovoltaic FarmUtilitiesYorkshireAug-23£312,000,00012610543View project
75Cowley House Farm - 49.9MW Solar FarmUtilitiesYorkshireAug-23£302,000,00012519617View project
76Worset Lane - 49.99MW Solar FarmUtilitiesYorkshireSep-23£302,000,00012511311View project
77Cayton 49.9MW Solar FarmUtilitiesYorkshireSep-23£302,000,00012445306View project
78Doncaster North Industrial & Logistics - Phase 1IndustrialYorkshireDec-23£300,000,00012624162View project
79Saltaire Riverside - 289 Houses, Office & CafeResidentialYorkshireSep-23£300,000,00012669525View project
80Salkeld Meadows - 470 HousesResidentialYorkshireApr-23£300,000,00012105581View project
81Leeds Arena, Buildings A&B - Student AccommodationResidentialYorkshireJun-23£300,000,00012627132View project
82Worry Goose Lane - 450 HousesResidentialYorkshireSep-23£300,000,00012428557View project
83iPort 5 Doncaster - WarehouseIndustrialYorkshireDec-23£300,000,00012668350View project
84Wellington Street - Office RedevelopmentCommercial & RetailYorkshireOct-23£300,000,00012668835View project
85Maltravers Student AccommodationResidentialYorkshireJul-23£300,000,00012010477View project
86Stainsby Hall Farm - 432 Houses - Phase 3ResidentialYorkshireMar-23£300,000,00012637041View project
87Howdens Joinery, Factory 10 - Thorpe HallIndustrialYorkshireNov-23£300,000,00012667863View project
88Hatfield Lane West - 400 HousesResidentialYorkshireFeb-23£300,000,00012216010View project
89Monckton Colliery Site - Mixed DevelopmentResidentialYorkshireJan-23£300,000,00012549062View project
90Mulberry Logistics Park, Blyth Road - Phase 2B Unit 4IndustrialYorkshireNov-23£300,000,00012649438View project
91Altofts Hall Farm, Station Road - 384 Houses & 24 FlatsResidentialYorkshireDec-23£300,000,00012695281View project
92Darlington Road, Skeeby - 40MW Solar Farm & Battery Energy Storage SystemUtilitiesYorkshireDec-23£299,985,00012604792View project
93Barnsdale Road, Allerton Bywater - Solar Park 40MWUtilitiesYorkshireMay-23£299,985,00012540920View project
94Flax Place, Leeds – Mixed DevelopmentResidentialYorkshireAug-23£285,000,00012314805View project
95Mulberry Logistics Park, Sunny Nook - Phase 2IndustrialYorkshireQ1 2023£280,000,00012574341View project
96Raithwaite Bay DevelopmentResidentialYorkshireSep-23£280,000,00012262359View project
97Otley East - MasterplanResidentialYorkshireMay-23£263,700,00012573629View project
98City Reach 2, Kirkstall Road - 530 ApartmentsResidentialYorkshireOct-23£255,415,80012344559View project
99University Of Leeds - Engineering and Technology Campus (Phase 4)EducationYorkshireMar-23£250,000,00012409286View project
1002 Whitehall Riverside - Phase 1 OfficeCommercial & RetailYorkshireMay-23£250,000,00012253434View project

(Source: Barbour ABI, updated June 2023)

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