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Top Construction Projects in the East Midlands

by Barbour ABI Content Team

Residential & Industrial Projects Top East Midlands League Table

We’ve curated the Barbour ABI data to bring you the top 100 construction projects within the East Midlands. This includes the top construction projects by total value across all sectors, that are due to start within a 12-month period.

The latest data for East Midlands construction projects sees Magna Park Corby and the East Of Lutterworth Strategic Development take the top spots, with both projects being valued at £1.5bn. The Kettering South Symmetry Park and Priors Hall Park projects follow in the league table, both with a value just under £1.3bn.

Top Construction Projects 2023

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PositionProjectMain SectorLocationStart DateValue of ProjectProject IDView Project*
1Magna Park Corby - Logistics ParkIndustrialNorthamptonshireQ2 2023£1,500,000,00012407076View project
2East Of Lutterworth Strategic Development AreaResidentialLeicestershireMay-23£1,500,000,00012424971View project
3Kettering South - Symmetry Park - MasterplanIndustrialNorthamptonshireMar-23£1,268,000,00012238772View project
4Priors Hall Park - Zones 2 & 3 MasterplanResidentialNorthamptonshireMay-23£1,268,000,00012450477View project
5Magna Park, Lutterworth - RedevelopmentIndustrialLeicestershireJan-23£1,000,000,00012167200View project
6Infinity Garden Village DevelopmentResidentialDerbyshireDec-23£1,000,000,00012255346View project
7Overstone Green, Daventry - Housing, Commercial, Care Home, Primary SchoolResidentialNorthamptonshireMar-23£857,100,00012486902View project
8Enderby Logistics HubIndustrialLeicestershireQ4 2023£857,100,00012420001View project
9Chesterfield Hotel - RedevelopmentHotel, Leisure & SportDerbyshireNov-23£600,000,00012518475View project
10ESPO - Security and Surveillance Equipment and ServicesCommercial & RetailLeicestershireMay-23£600,000,00012651555View project
11The Guildhall - HotelHotel, Leisure & SportNottinghamshireNov-23£514,260,00012486940View project
12Egstow Park - 825 Houses, Industrial Units, Restaurants, Retail & HotelResidentialDerbyshireSep-23£500,000,00012296058View project
13Melton Mowbray Distributor Road - North & East SectionsInfrastructureLeicestershireApr-23£500,000,00012226474View project
14Leicester City King Power Stadium - East Stand ExpansionHotel, Leisure & SportLeicestershireNov-23£500,000,00012583370View project
15Leicester City Stadium Expansion - Hotel, Retail, 234 Flats & OfficesResidentialLeicestershireQ4 2023£500,000,00012606013View project
16Haldens Parkway, Plot 1 - Distribution Centre & Pumping StationIndustrialNorthamptonshireDec-23£500,000,00012642942View project
17Kettering South - Symmetry Park Unit 3IndustrialNorthamptonshireQ3 2023£500,000,00012688285View project
18Guildhall - 987 Bed Student AccommodationResidentialNottinghamshireAug-23£500,000,00012654436View project
19Turweston Road - 343 HousesResidentialNorthamptonshireJul-23£500,000,00012265886View project
20Grange Development - Phase 2ResidentialNorthamptonshireAug-23£500,000,00011903858View project
21Lily Street Farm, Phase 2 - 443 HousesResidentialDerbyshireOct-23£480,000,00012567617View project
22Former Coalite Site - 795 HousesResidentialDerbyshireFeb-23£450,000,00012056006View project
23Silverstone Park - 255 Houses, Hotel & OfficesResidentialNorthamptonshireJul-23£450,000,00012458388View project
24University of Derby - New Business SchoolEducationDerbyshireApr-23£431,000,00012566651View project
25Magna Park Corby, Plot MPC 2 - TopHat FacilityIndustrialNorthamptonshireMar-23£400,000,00012654897View project
26G Park, Jessop Way - 2 Storage And Distribution BuildingsIndustrialNottinghamshireAug-23£400,000,00012607930View project
27Tibshelf Road, Holmewood - 247 HousesResidentialDerbyshireApr-23£400,000,00012402787View project
28Newtons Lane, Awsworth - 253 HousesResidentialNottinghamshireJun-23£400,000,00012643667View project
29The Island Quarter, Phase 1b - 247 Apartments, 223 Bed Hotel & Commercial SpaceCommercial & RetailNottinghamshireSep-23£400,000,00012549456View project
30Mountpark, Padge Hall Farm - Unit 1IndustrialLeicestershireJun-23£400,000,00012600606View project
31The Bendigo Building - Student AccommodationResidentialNottinghamshireJul-23£400,000,00012412395View project
32Radbourne Lane, Mackworth Phase 3 - 550 HousesResidentialDerbyshireQ3 2023£400,000,00012646866View project
33Magna Park Corby, Plot MPC3 - Warehouse UnitIndustrialNorthamptonshireJan-23£400,000,00012647478View project
34Kettering South, Symmetry Park Unit 1 Phase 2:1 - Distribution CentreIndustrialNorthamptonshireAug-23£350,000,00012601060View project
35Glenvale Park, Parcel R9 - 252 Houses - Phase 1ResidentialNorthamptonshireQ3 2023£350,000,00012681057View project
36Mulberry 350 - Storage & Distribution UnitIndustrialNorthamptonshireJun-23£350,000,00012669656View project
37Coton Road - 50MW Solar FarmUtilitiesDerbyshireSep-23£350,000,00012584487View project
38Lily Street Farm - Phase 1, Employment SiteIndustrialDerbyshireJul-23£340,000,00012566967View project
39Ratcliffe-On-Soar Power Station - 49 MW Energy Generation CentreUtilitiesNottinghamshireJul-23£340,000,00012517515View project
40Bumble Bee Farm, Saundby - 49.9MW Solar Farm & Battery StorageUtilitiesNottinghamshireJul-23£315,320,00012598670View project
41Jericho Covert - Solar FarmUtilitiesNottinghamshireDec-23£315,000,00012530957View project
42Hasland 49.9MW Photovoltaic Solar ParkUtilitiesDerbyshireJul-23£312,000,00012549600View project
43Yardley Road 49.9MW Solar FarmUtilitiesNorthamptonshireAug-23£310,000,00012605499View project
44Winkburn Estate - 49.9MW Solar FarmUtilitiesNottinghamshireJun-23£302,000,00012544991View project
45Brigstock Solar Farm - 49.9MW Solar FarmUtilitiesNorthamptonshireJul-23£302,000,00012492648View project
46Milton Road, Gayton - 49.72MW Solar FarmUtilitiesNorthamptonshireJul-23£302,000,00012560547View project
47Magna Park - Plot MPS8 - Warehouse & OfficeIndustrialLeicestershireSep-23£302,000,00012610815View project
48Cotmoor Solar farmUtilitiesNottinghamshireDec-23£302,000,00012517494View project
49Uniper - 49.9MW East Midlands Energy Re-Generation (EMERGE)UtilitiesNottinghamshireSep-23£302,000,00012496220View project
50Newtonwood Lane Farm - 49.9MW Energy StorageUtilitiesDerbyshireJul-23£302,000,00012508275View project
51A511 Growth Corridor Scheme Ashby to CoalvilleInfrastructureLeicestershireQ3 2023£300,000,00012463199View project
52B U S M Business Park, 100 Ross Walk - 630 ApartmentsResidentialLeicestershireJul-23£300,000,00012321122View project
53Rockingham Gateway - Logistics WarehouseIndustrialNorthamptonshireNov-23£300,000,00012658382View project
54Melton Spinney Road, Thorpe Arnold - 480 Houses & Primary SchoolResidentialLeicestershireFeb-23£300,000,00012603938View project
55Nether Farm, Somercotes - 200 HousesResidentialDerbyshireMar-23£300,000,00012294802View project
56Penniment Farm, Abbot Road - Mixed DevelopmentIndustrialNottinghamshireAug-23£300,000,00012650718View project
57Kettering South, Unit 1 Phase 2.2 - Distribution CentreIndustrialNorthamptonshireQ4 2023£300,000,00012601052View project
58Brook Mead Academy - School & Sports BlockEducationLeicestershireSep-23£300,000,00012438128View project
59Airfield Farm - Business Park DevelopmentIndustrialLeicestershireMay-23£300,000,00012561902View project
60Stanton Cross Parcels 18 & 19 - 496 HousesResidentialNorthamptonshireDec-23£300,000,00012681047View project
61Brookvale, Shirebrook, Phase 1C - 270 HousesResidentialNottinghamshireJul-23£300,000,00012642582View project
62King Edward Court - Student AccommodationResidentialNottinghamshireJun-23£300,000,00012573287View project
63Collingtree Park, Rowtree Road, Phase 2A - 425 HousesResidentialNorthamptonshireJul-23£300,000,00012658851View project
64Appleby Lodge Way, Zone C & D - Units DC148 & DC299IndustrialNorthamptonshireOct-23£300,000,00012637923View project
65Field Farm, Ilkeston Road - 200 HousesResidentialNottinghamshireAug-23£300,000,00012663460View project
66Boots Enterprise Zone - 406 HousesResidentialNottinghamshireApr-23£300,000,00012598159View project
67Weekley Wood Lane - Phase 1 Industrial EstateIndustrialNorthamptonshireJun-23£300,000,00012495850View project
68Florence Nightingale Community Hospital - Orthopaedic BuildingHealthcareDerbyshireDec-23£299,985,00012681465View project
69Haldens Parkway, Plot 1, Thrapston - Distribution CentreIndustrialNorthamptonshireJul-23£289,500,00012623217View project
70Boulton Moor District CentreResidentialDerbyshireNov-23£280,000,00012609063View project
71Former Coalite Site - Plots 4A & 4BCommercial & RetailDerbyshireAug-23£255,000,00012489822View project
72Boots Enterprise Zone - 397 HousesResidentialNottinghamshireNov-23£250,000,00012698110View project
73Stanton Cross, Parcel 30 & 33- 244 HousesResidentialNorthamptonshireNov-23£250,000,00012675184View project
74Southfields Farm, Common Lane - 130MW Battery StorageUtilitiesNottinghamshireDec-23£250,000,00012673135View project
75Chesterfield Waterside, Basin Square - 310 Apartments & HotelResidentialDerbyshireSep-23£250,000,00012558516View project
76Grafton Underwood 38MW Solar FarmUtilitiesNorthamptonshireSep-23£250,000,00012459934View project
77Former Coalite Site - Plots 6, 7 & 8IndustrialDerbyshireJun-23£250,000,00012522898View project
78Newlink Business Park - Distribution CentreIndustrialNottinghamshireDec-23£250,000,00012520850View project
79Land at Ashbourne Airfield - 367 HousesResidentialDerbyshireJun-23£250,000,00012649712View project
80Snow Hill - 213 Houses & 100 FlatsResidentialLeicestershireJul-23£250,000,00012569968View project
81Gipsy Lane (West) - 340 HousesResidentialNorthamptonshireMay-23£250,000,00012150544View project
82Welford Road - 350 Bed Student Accommodation & 106 FlatsResidentialLeicestershireSep-23£250,000,00012659725View project
83Apex Park, Phase 3 - 4 Warehouse UnitsIndustrialNorthamptonshireJul-23£250,000,00012451972View project
84Overstone Leys, South Parcel Zone 10 - 350 HousesResidentialNorthamptonshireSep-23£250,000,00012579583View project
85Becketwell Regeneration Phase 2 - 3500 Seat ArenaHotel, Leisure & SportDerbyshireJul-23£250,000,00012561597View project
86The Island Quarter, Phase 6 - Bioscience CampusIndustrialNottinghamshireOct-23£250,000,00012681362View project
87Brick Kiln Road, Raunds - Employment UnitsIndustrialNorthamptonshireSep-23£250,000,00012523122View project
88Syston Road - 4 Industrial UnitsIndustrialLeicestershireJul-23£242,000,00012658706View project
89The Meadows, Phase 2 - 223 Houses & 2 FlatsResidentialDerbyshireDec-23£242,000,00012676168View project
90Priors Hall Development - Zone 2, Parcels 1&4 - 317 Houses & 19 FlatsResidentialNorthamptonshireMar-23£230,000,00012594078View project
91New Bluecoat Trent AcademyEducationNottinghamshireApr-23£230,000,00012438157View project
92Dallington Grange - 329 HousesResidentialNorthamptonshireNov-23£230,000,00012664640View project
93Apex Park Phase 3 Zone B - 2 Industrial UnitsIndustrialNorthamptonshireSep-23£215,000,00012638334View project
94Kettering Road, Phase 3 & 5 - 312 HousesResidentialLeicestershireFeb-23£215,000,00012623617View project
95Hawton Lane, Balderton - 309 HousesResidentialNottinghamshireDec-23£208,975,00012437157View project
96Former Rolls Royce Site - Phase 9 - 120 HousesResidentialNottinghamshireSep-23£203,016,00012663732View project
97Linacre Road - 301 HousesResidentialDerbyshireMar-23£200,000,00012602411View project
98Infinity Park Way, Plot D2 – WarehouseIndustrialDerbyshireAug-23£200,000,00012702382View project
99Leicestershire County Council - Machine Lay Carriageway Patching ContractInfrastructureLeicestershireApr-23£200,000,00012677782View project
100London Road And Queens Road - 345 ApartmentsResidentialNottinghamshireAug-23£200,000,00012632019View project

(Source: Barbour ABI, updated June 2023)

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