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Top Construction Projects in the East of England

by Barbour ABI Content Team

Norfolk Offshore Wind Farm Tops East of England Chart at £3.5bn

We’ve curated the Barbour ABI data to bring you the top construction projects within the East of England. This includes the top construction projects by total value across all sectors, that are due to start within a 12-month period.

The latest data for East of England construction companies sees Suffolk and Norfolk projects take the top three positions. The Norfolk Vanguard Offshore Wind Farm and the East Anglia THREE Offshore Wind Farm have taken positions one and two, with the Suffolk Highway Services Contract in third place. The projects are valued at £3.5bn in first place, then £3bn each in second and third place.

Top Construction Projects 2023

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PositionProjectMain SectorLocationStart DateValue of ProjectProject IDView Project*
1Norfolk Vanguard Offshore Wind Farm 2.1GWUtilitiesNorfolkMay-23£3,500,000,00012225106View project
2East Anglia THREE - Offshore 1400MW Wind FarmUtilitiesSuffolk2023£3,000,000,00012628074View project
3Highway Services Contract - SuffolkInfrastructureSuffolkSep-23£3,000,000,00012170219View project
4A421 Black Cat to Caxton GibbetInfrastructureCambridgeshireOct-23£3,000,000,00012164802View project
5Botanic Place - Mixed Use DevelopmentCommercial & RetailCambridgeshireQ3 2023£2,000,000,00012518746View project
6Rackheath, Eco Town - Residential DevelopmentResidentialNorfolkQ1 2023£1,500,000,00011829900View project
7Bexwell To Bury St Edmunds - 70KM PipelineUtilitiesSuffolkSep-23£1,500,000,00012589792View project
8Bourn Airfield - Mixed DevelopmentResidentialCambridgeshireAug-23£1,500,000,00012390376View project
9Fengate - Energy Park 80MWUtilitiesCambridgeshireAug-23£1,500,000,00011664791View project
10Bullen Lane - 100MW Battery Storage FacilityUtilitiesSuffolkApr-23£1,400,000,00012597634View project
11RAF Scampton - Redevelopment WorksCommercial & RetailLincolnshireMar-23£1,268,000,00012647161View project
12South Humber Bank 95MW Energy CentreUtilitiesLincolnshireAug-23£1,169,383,70612409118View project
13Cambridge Biomedical CampusEducationCambridgeshireQ4 2023£1,169,383,70612142904View project
14Central Bedfordshire Council - Highways Services PartnerInfrastructureBedfordshireApr-23£1,000,000,00012638663View project
15Norfolk Boreas Offshore Wind Farm 2.1GWUtilitiesNorfolkH2 2023£1,000,000,00012225109View project
16Lincolnshire Housing Partnership - Decent Homes (Investment) ContractResidentialLincolnshireMay-23£950,000,00012667402View project
17Cherry Hinton, Coldhams Lane, Cambridge - MasterplanResidentialCambridgeshireDec-23£857,100,00012356123View project
18Norwich Western LinkInfrastructureNorfolkQ1 2023£850,000,00012515509View project
19Western Way - Public Services BuildingHotel, Leisure & SportSuffolkSep-23£600,000,00012477898View project
20Luton Town Centre RegenerationResidentialBedfordshireQ3 2023£571,000,00012658552View project
21Land North East of Bury St Edmunds - MasterplanResidentialSuffolkMar-23£571,000,00012485764View project
22Sleaford Road, Bracebridge Heath - Houses/School/Restaurants/Retail/OfficesResidentialLincolnshireMar-23£571,000,00012486788View project
23Vauxhall Aftersales Warehouse - Industrial DevelopmentIndustrialBedfordshireJul-23£500,000,00012611886View project
24Wintringham Park Redevelopment - MasterplanResidentialCambridgeshireOct-23£500,000,00011994372View project
25Hayward Tyler, 1 Kimpton Road - 1,000 Houses & Flats and Commercial SpaceResidentialBedfordshireApr-23£500,000,00012490307View project
26The Range Mega Distribution Unit - Gateway 14, Plot 4000IndustrialSuffolkJan-23£500,000,00012551026View project
27Red House Park - 1020 Houses, Community Centre & SchoolsResidentialSuffolkJan-23£500,000,00012623864View project
28North West Eddington Avenue - 261 Flats & 112 Houses S1 & S2ResidentialCambridgeshireQ4 2023£500,000,00012596084View project
29Anglian Water Services Limited - Middlegate Water Treatment WorksUtilitiesLincolnshire2023£500,000,00012575459View project
30A47 Blofield & North Burlingham DuallingInfrastructureNorfolkQ3 2023£500,000,00010689556View project
31A47 Wansford to Sutton - Dual Carriageway & Road UpgradesInfrastructureCambridgeshireQ3 2023£500,000,00012147643View project
32Station Road - Kennett Garden VillageResidentialSuffolkJan-23£500,000,00012370695View project
33Arlesey East MasterplanResidentialBedfordshireMay-23£500,000,00012272663View project
34Port One Business & Logistics Park, Plots 14-19 - 6 WarehousesIndustrialSuffolkMar-23£500,000,00012683707View project
35Spittalgate Level - Given Distribution FacilityIndustrialLincolnshireNov-23£480,000,00012576933View project
36Marleigh Development, Phase 2 - 333 Flats And 88 HousesResidentialCambridgeshireApr-23£480,000,00012608652View project
37Airport Way - New Century ParkCommercial & RetailBedfordshireQ4 2023£470,000,00012337698View project
38HMP Highpoint South DevelopmentCivic & PublicSuffolkJun-23£470,000,00012613419View project
39HMP Wayland - Expansion & AlterationsCivic & PublicNorfolkQ3 2023£470,000,00012621422View project
40Capital Park Cambridge, Fulbourn - Laboratories & Office RefurbishmentIndustrialCambridgeshireSep-23£450,000,00012687833View project
41Century Park Access Road - Phase TwoInfrastructureBedfordshireQ1 2023£437,000,00012488615View project
42Nova Scotia Farm - 665 Houses, Local Centre, School, Health CentreResidentialNorfolkQ4 2023£400,000,00012479242View project
43Prologis Park, Marston Gate - ExpansionIndustrialBedfordshireDec-23£400,000,00012406862View project
44Wintringham Park - 324 Houses & 12 ApartmentsResidentialCambridgeshireOct-23£400,000,00012642910View project
45Anglian Water - Bexwell To Bury St Edmunds PipelineUtilitiesLincolnshireSep-23£400,000,00012586593View project
46Anglian Water - Elsham to Lincoln Pipeline SchemeUtilitiesLincolnshireApr-23£400,000,00012649157View project
47Anglian Water - Bury St Edmunds To Colchester PipelineUtilitiesNorfolkJun-23£400,000,00012679162View project
48Pleasure Island RedevelopmentHotel, Leisure & SportLincolnshireSep-23£400,000,00012530941View project
49Ermine Street - 648 HousesResidentialCambridgeshireJul-23£400,000,00012507135View project
50Newlands Park - Offices and Retail DevelopmentCommercial & RetailBedfordshireQ3 2023£400,000,00012243846View project
51Prologis Park, Marston Gate - Units 1-3IndustrialBedfordshireDec-23£400,000,00012650014View project
52A47/A11 Thickthorn Junction ImprovementInfrastructureNorfolkOct-23£400,000,00012147648View project
53Scartho Top Phase 4 - 299 HomesResidentialLincolnshireJun-23£400,000,00012697093View project
54Estuary Farm, Edward Benefer Way - Solar Farm (49.9MW)& Battery Storage (15MW)UtilitiesNorfolkNov-23£400,000,00012581387View project
55North West Cambridge Development, Phase 2 - 170 FlatsResidentialCambridgeshireQ3 2023£400,000,00012203017View project
56Chilton Leys, Stowmarket - 600 HousesResidentialSuffolkJun-23£400,000,00012261738View project
57Candlet Road Phase 2 - 275 Houses & 37 FlatsResidentialSuffolkAug-23£400,000,00012662621View project
58Westerfield at Fonnereau - 440 HousesResidentialSuffolkOct-23£380,000,00012651583View project
59Astrazeneca UK Limited Phase 1B - South Office BuildingCommercial & RetailCambridgeshireApr-23£366,400,00012546622View project
60Vitrum Building - Research & Development BuildingIndustrialCambridgeshireQ4 2023£350,000,00012701954View project
61RAF Waddington - Protector ProjectInfrastructureLincolnshireQ4 2023£350,000,00012629239View project
62Cherry Hinton - Phase 1 - 223 Houses & 128 ApartmentsResidentialCambridgeshireApr-23£350,000,00012676202View project
63Ely Gateway - Retail ParkCommercial & RetailCambridgeshireOct-23£350,000,00012275460View project
64Bloys Grove - 49.9MW Solar FarmUtilitiesNorfolkQ3 2023£350,000,00012547221View project
65Barton Le Clay - 500 Houses & Primary SchoolResidentialBedfordshire2023£350,000,00012581436View project
66Bramford 57MW Battery Storage FacilityUtilitiesSuffolkJun-23£328,727,26712411780View project
67A47/ A12 Vauxhall Roundabout ImprovementsInfrastructureNorfolk2023£324,500,00012147649View project
68Glatton Road - 340 HousesResidentialCambridgeshireMay-23£320,000,00012378956View project
69Sundon Substation - 49.9MW Battery StorageUtilitiesBedfordshireDec-23£320,000,00012548247View project
70Airfield Farm - Solar ArrayUtilitiesLincolnshireJul-23£320,000,00012601762View project
71Gonerby Moor, Great Gonerby - 49.9MW Solar FarmUtilitiesLincolnshireJul-23£320,000,00012570896View project
72New Road - 49.9MW Solar FarmUtilitiesSuffolkApr-23£320,000,00012558525View project
73Vicarage Drove - 49.9MW Solar Farm & Battery Storage FacilityUtilitiesLincolnshireJul-23£315,320,00012556397View project
74Low Farm Solar Farm - 49.9MW Solar FarmUtilitiesLincolnshireMar-23£315,320,00012544854View project
75The Old Airfield - 49.8 MW Solar Photovoltaic FarmUtilitiesLincolnshireJul-23£315,320,00012547397View project
76Breach Farm, Burwell - 49.9MW Solar FarmUtilitiesCambridgeshireSep-23£315,320,00012551687View project
77Woodlands Farm - 49.9 MW Solar ArrayUtilitiesSuffolkDec-23£315,000,00012629091View project
78Tye Lane - Solar FarmUtilitiesSuffolkOct-23£310,000,00012592599View project
79Sandy Lane, Walsoken - 325 Houses & FlatsResidentialCambridgeshireNov-23£302,000,00012675021View project
80Granta Park, Phase 2 - Research & Development BuildingIndustrialCambridgeshireAug-23£300,000,00012137902View project
81Great Northern Railway Hotel ExpansionHotel, Leisure & SportCambridgeshireAug-23£300,000,00011948415View project
82St Johns Innovation Park CentreCommercial & RetailCambridgeshireSep-23£300,000,00012527810View project
83Castle Street - 380 Flats and 3 Commercial UnitsResidentialBedfordshireOct-23£300,000,00012081131View project
84Snakes Meadow Solar FarmUtilitiesBedfordshireSep-23£300,000,00012594678View project
85Suffolk Business Park, Zone 4 - Distribution UnitIndustrialSuffolkSep-23£300,000,00012674190View project
86Morley Way, Woodston - Industrial UnitIndustrialCambridgeshireJun-23£300,000,00012675242View project
87Stapleford Cambridge - Retirement Care VillageResidential (Care)CambridgeshireJul-23£300,000,00012517096View project
88Waller Avenue - 342 Apartments and OfficeResidentialBedfordshireJul-23£300,000,00012657558View project
89Church Farm, Bradwell - 450 DwellingsResidentialNorfolkJun-23£300,000,00012446486View project
90Former Western School Site, Cambridge Road - 297 Dwellings & 90 Extra Care FlatsResidentialLincolnshireQ1 2023£300,000,00012538374View project
91Airfield, Methwold - 20 Poultry Sheds & 4 HousesIndustrialNorfolkDec-23£300,000,00012638952View project
92University of East Anglia - Lasdun Wall RedevelopmentEducationNorfolkOct-23£300,000,00012582281View project
93RAF Molesworth, High Street - Office BuildingCommercial & RetailCambridgeshireNov-23£300,000,00012490389View project
94Queen Elizabeth Hospital - Multi-Storey Car ParkInfrastructureNorfolkDec-23£300,000,00012674526View project
95Stallingborough Interchange - Business ParkCommercial & RetailLincolnshireJan-23£300,000,00012352033View project
96Port One Business & Logistics Park, Plot 5, 11 & 12 - 3 WarehousesIndustrialSuffolkJun-23£300,000,00012683706View project
97Norwich Road - 343 HousesResidentialNorfolkJul-23£300,000,00012652356View project
98Toll Bar, New Waltham - Phase 2, 224 HousesResidentialLincolnshireJan-23£300,000,00012617988View project
99Darwin Green One, BDW 3 - 210 HousesResidentialCambridgeshireJun-23£300,000,00012613446View project
100Sizewell B, Coronation Wood Development Area - Administration & Welfare BuildingCommercial & RetailSuffolkSep-23£300,000,00012711200View project

(Source: Barbour ABI, updated June 2023)

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