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We are the market leading supplier of building & construction project leads in the UK and there is a reason for that – the quality of our construction intelligence.
We are so confident in the quality of our sales leads that we give away 10 construction project leads completely free of charge in order to get you started on your sales journey.
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How to win work using construction leads from Barbour ABI


See the opportunity:

Remember to look at companies, not just projects. As well as providing in-depth information on building projects, Barbour ABI gives you a huge amount of insight into how these projects link to companies and decision makers, so you can see who is regularly procuring your type of product or service.


Plan your approach:

Set the main objective you are looking to achieve from each new business approach. Are you looking to book a sales appointment? Are you hoping to agree a site visit? Do you want an opportunity to price for the job? You should also set yourself targets for the number of calls you make, the number of projects you obtain further information about, and the results you achieve.



Give yourself time to succeed:

Plan your activity! It is all too easy for other tasks to take priority, so book a regular time slot where you can just focus on the calls you need to make. Also, make sure you are methodical in your ‘pre-call’ research and your approach when you are on the call.


Your future customer:

Who are you looking to target? Like any form of communication, first impressions count. Be sure to make your call relevant to each decision maker you contact; talk their language and understand their pain points. Immediately show why you are calling them – it is much more likely that they will then view your approach as a professional making a relevant business call.



Build your approach:

Get that win! Once you have qualified a project as being the type you should be involved in, move your brain to ‘closing’ mode by stating your interest in working with them, suggesting actual dates and times for a meeting, and know your current schedule so you can suggest dates that fit well with other appointments.


Keep track of your activity:

How have you used your leads? It is so important to have a place to electronically store all the information that you collect from your sales and marketing activities using your Barbour ABI leads. Keep a list of follow up calls you need to make and when you need to make them. ALWAYS follow up on calls, email responses and leads that come into your business.


Stay in touch:

Push for an answer. Once you have established an initial interest with a Barbour ABI lead, you need to stay in regular, planned contact until you win the business, or at least get a ‘no’ answer.


Track your success:

What have you achieved? Monitor each stage of your sales process to ensure you are getting the best possible results. Are there any areas that you need to change? Keep refining your approach to ensure you are getting the most out of your pipeline.

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As the market leaders in construction intelligence with the largest UK-based research team, you’ll find our project leads are the most in-depth and intuitive available. Our expert team are consistently researching projects going on throughout the construction industry and finding out everything there is to know about projects taking place across the country. They are masters at piecing together crucial intelligence to create a full and detailed picture of each project.
From residential to infrastructure, our in-house research team leave no stone unturned and include all construction sectors in our data. Projects can be filtered by any region or sector of the country, at any value and stage of the project timeline as well as by timescales, costs and materials used. By cutting through the noise, you can find the projects relevant to you and get total control over what you see, finding projects based on factors of your choosing.
Barbour ABI hosts information on every single planning application in the UK, alongside a wealth of relevant non-planning information. With a team of over 70 researchers making over one million phone calls a year, we have upwards of 1.8 million UK construction projects on the platform at any given time. Leads are also updated in real time meaning that the moment a project is added to the platform you will know about it.

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