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Our aim is to help you achieve your commercial goals. Whether you’re looking for intelligence on which projects to target, needing to stay up to date on what’s happening across the UK or wanting to expand your network, we are your go-to experts for the construction industry.

Here you’ll find everything you need to enhance your efforts on the Barbour ABI platform. We’re continually developing content designed specifically for our clients to keep you at the forefront of the market and ensure you’re maximising your return on investment as our partnership with you grows.

Training Room

You can choose how you learn best with us. Our Training Room learning suite is designed with you in mind - whether you're short for time or need in-depth guidance. We take you through the most important functions of the platform, as well as providing tips and tricks so you can get the most from your subscription. From logging in, to keeping track of opportunities and setting up notifications - we'll make sure you don’t miss a thing.

Training options include sessions with our expert trainers, detailed guides within our help centre, as well as a wide range of tutorial videos. We also have a selection of case studies where successful clients take you through how they've used the platform to achieve success for their businesses.

How to Log Into the Platform

Taking you though how to log in and getting started on the platform.

Setting Up for Success

Our expert tips on setting up for success and achieving the best results.

Exporting Data

Find out how to export Barbour ABI data into the right format for your business to utilise.

Product Enhancements

We're constantly developing our services and product features to ensure you have all the necessary tools to enhance your experience and maximise your return on investment with us.

As a client-centric business, we strive to provide you with the utmost support in achieving success. That's why we have a wide variety of product enhancements to choose from so we can create the perfect solution to take your business to the next level.

Latest Reports

Super Sector

Enables you to see the hottest sectors in your region, and the hottest regions in your sector.

Snap Analysis

A snapshot review of the factors that drive the construction industry in an easily digestible format.

Regional Spotlight

Top five projects in each region based on planning applications, approvals and contract awards.

Top 50 League Tables

Reporting on the top 50 clients, architects and contractors for the month, as well as the last 12 months.

Home Improvement

This annual report provides valuable insights for companies that supply, support and are impacted by the home improvement sector.

The Future of Decision Making

This report explores the question – is there adequate external data available to gain valuable insights to enable strategic business planning and forecasting?

Construction Hotspots

In partnership with the CPA, this report looks at construction contract values awarded across all of Great Britain, in residential, commercial and infrastructure.

Stranded Assets

This exclusive report analyses how the need to decarbonise will influence stranded asset levels within the UK. Industry commentator Brian Green authors the report.

Latest Resources

Construction Marketing Playbook

Your essential guide for marketing to the construction industry. Our top tips and marketing strategies that will get your company noticed.

Small Business Playbook

Everything a small business needs to sell to the built environment. An intuitive guide designed to support your growth ambitions.

Maximising ROI Playbook

A client-focused playbook designed to help you improve your targeting and maximise your return on investment with us.

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