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Top Construction Projects in London

by Barbour ABI Content Team

Houses of Parliament and Transport for London Within Top 10 Construction Projects in London

We’ve curated the Barbour ABI data to bring you the top construction projects within London. This includes the top construction projects by total value across all sectors, that are due to start within a 12-month period.

The latest data for London construction projects sees the Palace of Westminster Restoration take the top position, with a total value of £3.5bn. The St. Johns Wood Square Development, the Carpenters Estate Redevelopment and the Transport for London Bollo Lane project are all in joint second place, with total project values of £3bn each.

Top Construction Projects 2023

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PositionProjectMain SectorLocationStart DateValue of ProjectProject IDView Project*
1Houses of Parliament - Palace of Westminster Restoration And RenewalCommercial & RetailLondonQ3 2023£3,500,000,00012013095View project
2St Johns Wood Square DevelopmentResidentialLondonOct-23£3,000,000,00012088816View project
3Carpenters Estate RedevelopmentResidentialLondonQ4 2023£3,000,000,00012305203View project
4Transport for London - Bollo Lane OpportunityResidentialLondonJul-23£3,000,000,00012512760View project
5London Borough of Southwark - Major Building WorksResidentialLondonMay-23£2,500,000,00012522655View project
6The MSG SphereHotel, Leisure & SportLondonQ3 2023£2,500,000,00012407448View project
7Haringey Council - Housing Major Works Partnering ContractResidentialLondonNov-23£2,500,000,00012667739View project
8One Waterloo DevelopmentCommercial & RetailLondonQ2 2023£2,500,000,00010849058View project
91 Undershaft - Project IntelCommercial & RetailLondonOct-23£2,500,000,00012147419View project
10Cantium Retail Park - RedevelopmentResidentialLondonQ4 2023£2,000,000,00012399468View project
11HS2 Track Systems, Lot 2 - Phase 1, Open Route CentralInfrastructureLondon2023£2,000,000,00012500476View project
12Grafton Street & New Bond Street RedevelopmentHotel, Leisure & SportLondonJun-23£2,000,000,00011928300View project
13The Bermondsey Project - MasterplanResidentialLondonSep-23£1,750,000,00011976636View project
14West Cromwell Road - 462 Flats, Offices & RestaurantResidentialLondonJun-23£1,750,000,00010527129View project
15Whipps Cross Hospital RedevelopmentHealthcareLondonSep-23£1,750,000,00012460459View project
16EDGE London BridgeCommercial & RetailLondonJan-23£1,500,000,00012497970View project
17Museum of London - New Museum West Smithfield ProjectHotel, Leisure & SportLondonAug-23£1,500,000,00012191307View project
18120 Fleet Street - Offices & Retail UnitsCommercial & RetailLondonJul-23£1,500,000,00012586543View project
19London Borough of Camden - Camley Street Regeneration Project - Design TeamCommercial & RetailLondonSep-23£1,500,000,00012508915View project
20Timber Square - Lavington HouseCommercial & RetailLondonJul-23£1,500,000,00012228642View project
21British Library ExpansionHotel, Leisure & SportLondonOct-23£1,500,000,00012158126View project
2210 Bank Street, Heron Quays West - OfficesCommercial & RetailLondonJun-23£1,500,000,00012247637View project
23Portland House - ExtensionCommercial & RetailLondonJul-23£1,500,000,00012443044View project
24Westminster City Council - Ebury Bridge Regeneration Programme MasterplanResidentialLondonJan-23£1,500,000,00012426849View project
25Citibank, 25 Canada Square - Project SaturnCommercial & RetailLondonJun-23£1,500,000,00012537870View project
26115 - 123 Houndsditch - Offices & RetailCommercial & RetailLondonQ4 2023£1,500,000,00012585530View project
2755 Gracechurch Street DevelopmentCommercial & RetailLondonDec-23£1,500,000,00012521355View project
28Salisbury Square DevelopmentCivic & PublicLondonJan-23£1,500,000,00012371236View project
29Chrisp Street Market - RedevelopmentResidentialLondonAug-23£1,500,000,00011273510View project
30Highgate Development - Shoreditch HotelHotel, Leisure & SportLondonJun-23£1,268,000,00012150014View project
31Oriel - Integrated Eye Care, Research and Education FacilityHealthcareLondonSep-23£1,268,000,00012363750View project
32Albert Island DevelopmentIndustrialLondonDec-23£1,169,383,70612132561View project
33Vauxhall Cross Island Site - Nine ElmsResidentialLondonQ4 2023£1,169,383,70611854833View project
34Ladbrook Grove - Canal Way RedevelopmentResidentialLondonOct-23£1,169,383,70612598162View project
35Barbican Centre - Barbican Renewal ProjectHotel, Leisure & SportLondon2023£1,169,383,70612591200View project
36Goods Yard & The Depot Redevelopment - MasterplanResidentialLondonJul-23£1,169,383,70612581893View project
37A2Dominion Housing Maintenance Delivery PartnerResidentialLondonJan-23£1,169,383,70612649499View project
38Plumstead, West Thamesmead - Plots 1, 5, 6 & 9ResidentialLondonMar-23£1,169,383,70612499288View project
39Guys and St Thomas NHS - Evelina 2 - Triangle BuildingHealthcareLondonJul-23£1,000,000,00012443303View project
40Ensign House, Isle Of Dogs - 495 Apartments & CommercialResidentialLondonSep-23£1,000,000,00012574477View project
41Lethaby Building - HotelHotel, Leisure & SportLondonAug-23£1,000,000,00012510479View project
42Brickmakers Yard, Great Marlborough Street - Luxury Shiva HotelHotel, Leisure & SportLondonQ3 2023£1,000,000,00011888858View project
43New Bermondsey - Phase 1ResidentialLondonQ4 2023£1,000,000,00011890724View project
44Bow Common Gas Works - DevelopmentCommercial & RetailLondonDec-23£1,000,000,00012474729View project
45Holborn ViaductCommercial & RetailLondonAug-23£1,000,000,00012597721View project
46Holloway Prison - Project HollowayResidentialLondonMay-23£1,000,000,00012504565View project
47334 - 348 Oxford Street - Commercial, Retail, OfficesCommercial & RetailLondonJun-23£1,000,000,00012589667View project
481 Exchange Square - OfficesCommercial & RetailLondonJul-23£950,000,00012606878View project
49ExCeL London, Phase 3 - Exhibition CentreHotel, Leisure & SportLondonJan-23£950,000,00012568007View project
50Faraday Works RedevelopmentResidentialLondonDec-23£857,100,00012477800View project
51Imperial College London Maserplan - 1,325 HomesResidentialLondonQ4 2023£857,100,00012605904View project
52Ebury Bridge Estate - Block 1,2,3,4,5,6,9ResidentialLondonJul-23£857,100,00012517479View project
53Stratford Assembly - 716 Student Accommodation UnitsResidentialLondonJun-23£850,000,00012603262View project
54Roots In The Sky - OfficesCommercial & RetailLondonJan-23£850,000,00012483518View project
55City of London Corporation - Minor Works Measured Term ContractsCivic & publicLondonQ3 2023£850,000,00012692412View project
56Stratford Centre and Morgan House DevelopmentResidentialLondonQ4 2023£850,000,00011994954View project
57Rectory Farm - Industrial UnitIndustrialLondonAug-23£850,000,00012297249View project
58White City Place - Gateway East - Offices, Restaurants and Retail UnitsCommercial & RetailLondonSep-23£800,000,00012247285View project
59Millennium Mills, Silvertown Quays Phase 1 - RedevelopmentResidentialLondonDec-23£800,000,00012467321View project
60Edmonton Green Shopping Centre Phases 2, 3 & 4 - Mixed DevelopmentResidentialLondonNov-23£800,000,00012548352View project
61216-220 Blackfriars Road - 62 Apartments & Office/Community AreasCommercial & RetailLondonSep-23£800,000,00012544150View project
62Lots Road South DevelopmentResidentialLondonJan-23£750,000,00012622751View project
63Tower Hamlets - Highways and Lighting Term Service ContractInfrastructureLondonMar-23£700,000,00012665311View project
64456 - 472 Oxford Street - Project Swan, Mixed DevelopmentCommercial & RetailLondonQ3 2023£700,000,00012585430View project
65Angel Square - Office, Commercial & Public HouseCommercial & RetailLondonJun-23£700,000,00012632103View project
66Tottenham Hale Site, Ferry Island, Building 1, 2 & Pavilion - Mixed DevelopmentResidentialLondonSep-23£627,000,00012382951View project
67Belgrove House Kings Cross - Merck Sharp & Dohme Limited Research HQCommercial & RetailLondonJun-23£627,000,00012325435View project
68Blackwall Yard Mixed DevelopmentResidentialLondonMay-23£627,000,00012508550View project
69Lewisham Retail Park, Lee Green - 536 Flats & Commercial UnitsResidentialLondonMay-23£600,000,00012238338View project
70Lansdowne House - Mixed Use DevelopmentCommercial & RetailLondonQ3 2023£600,000,00012517702View project
71One Liverpool Street - Overs Station DevelopmentCommercial & RetailLondonMay-23£600,000,00012439983View project
72Hammersmith Bridge - Major Repair WorksInfrastructureLondonSep-23£600,000,00012435848View project
73Nine Elms, Over Station Development - 479 FlatsResidentialLondonSep-23£600,000,00012173246View project
74Paddington Green Police Station - 556 FlatsResidentialLondonQ4 2023£600,000,00012563614View project
75Alton Estate, Roehampton - Mixed DevelopmentResidentialLondonJul-23£600,000,00012442734View project
76Great Ormond Street Hospital, Phase 4 - Children's Cancer CentreHealthcareLondonNov-23£600,000,00012224816View project
77Canada Water, Zone F - Plots F1 & F2ResidentialLondonDec-23£600,000,00012618093View project
78Holborn Tube Station RedevelopmentInfrastructureLondon2023£600,000,00012032134View project
79Bacton Rise Estate - 243 Flats & 3 Commercial Unit, Phase 2ResidentialLondonQ3 2023£600,000,00012328809View project
80Woolgate Exchange - Office & RestaurantCommercial & RetailLondonMar-23£600,000,00012639673View project
81South Kilburn Decentralised Energy SystemUtilitiesLondonJul-23£600,000,00011930559View project
82The Ledbury Estate - RedevelopmentResidentialLondonNov-23£600,000,00012625409View project
83Broadwater Farm Estate - 294 Flats & Commercial UnitsResidentialLondonOct-23£600,000,00012632532View project
84Old Kent Road - 262 Flats/RetailResidentialLondonFeb-23£589,000,00012448068View project
85City Place House, 2 Aldermanbury Square - OfficesCommercial & RetailLondonJul-23£571,000,00012486782View project
86Chiswick Roundabout, Holly House - 252 Flats/OfficesResidentialLondonQ4 2023£571,000,00012183790View project
87Barkers Of Kensington - OfficesCommercial & RetailLondonJun-23£526,000,00012635893View project
88Peterborough Court, Fleet Street - External Refurbishment/RetrofitCommercial & RetailLondonQ1 2023£526,000,00012594478View project
89The Broadway ConnectionCommercial & RetailLondonSep-23£526,000,00012155917View project
90IBM Building - 76-78 Upper GroundCommercial & RetailLondonJan-23£526,000,00012488146View project
91Britannia Project, Phase 2B - Buildings H3 - H6, 388 FlatsResidentialLondonJun-23£514,260,00012345452View project
92NEP3 Norman Shaw Building South - RefurbishmentCommercial & RetailLondonJun-23£514,260,00012435306View project
93Colechurch House, Tooley Street - OfficesCommercial & RetailLondonAug-23£500,000,00012534742View project
94Alton Estate, Roehampton - 449 Apartments and Commercial UnitsResidentialLondonAug-23£500,000,00012443918View project
95Kings Crescent Estate - Phases 3 & 4ResidentialLondonQ4 2023£500,000,00012137561View project
96Bugsbys Way - Multi-level Industrial DevelopmentIndustrialLondonJun-23£500,000,00012663549View project
97South Kilburn Regeneration, NWCC Site, Phase 4 - 264 FlatsResidentialLondonOct-23£500,000,00012415551View project
98Brent Cross Regeneration - Plot 13, Phase 1CResidentialLondonMay-23£500,000,00012397539View project
99North Acton Road - LHR21 Data CentreCommercial & RetailLondonJun-23£500,000,00012536509View project
100Crown Wharf, Bidder Street - 871 Flats & Commercial UnitsResidentialLondonAug-23£500,000,00012696323View project

(Source: Barbour ABI, updated June 2023)

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