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Barbour ABI was founded to support the UK construction industry – helping businesses to sustain and grow.
As the market leading provider of construction project information, we strive to allow our clients to access the very best, accurate and up-to-date data on construction projects and the key decision makers that are involved.
Our 70 expert researchers make over one million calls a year and real-time updates to our database – creating invaluable insight at our client’s fingertips.
Not only do we generate construction project leads, but we also are able to inform the industry of the latest trends and developments using our data to analyse and form a complete picture of the past, present and future.
We consider current affairs and their impact on our industry, where the opportunities and threats lie, and therefore how our clients can future-proof themselves.
We really get to know our clients, we dig deep and get to understand their business, its challenges and ambitions, that’s because we care.
Our mission is to provide our clients with the best experience and that the service and product we provide is an extension of their own business and something they can’t do without.



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