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How to optimise your brand’s marketing activity

by Ellie Rourke

Brand Marketing – Top Tips for Success

The start of the Barbour ABI Content Calendar is here and mentoring is where we begin our content focus for 2022. January is the time to develop plans and strategy for a new year. We want to pass along expertise from Barbour ABI and specialists within the industry to deliver tips and tricks that can help your business drive success throughout 2022 and beyond. We are always looking for more industry voices to join our own, so if you have any specialism that you’d love to mentor our industry on, then please get in touch at hello@barbour-abi.com.

This month’s theme fits perfectly with our recently launched service, ‘Marketing Mentors’. The creation of this service came from Barbour ABI’s commitment to innovate sales and marketing methodology in the construction industry, and a desire for how we can further support our customers and wider industry colleagues in terms of tactics, strategy and tips that really do work.

Marketing Mentors is powered by members of the marketing team at Barbour ABI, including our Marketing Director Kate Perrin, who aims to educate you on how to optimise your brand marketing activity through our informative blogs.

In this article we have rounded up all of the blog content that Marketing Mentors has released so far. Let us know which tips you are finding most useful by tweeting at us @BarbourABI!

How to construct great blog content

This was the first blog released in the Marketing Mentors series. Within this insightful blog, our Marketing Director Kate Perrin shares her blueprint for creating blog content which your audience will actively search for, read and share.

Uploading regular blogs is a proven cost-effective way to connect with your customers and help strengthen your brand marketing. Read the full blog to reveal the 11 top tips on how to create great blog content.

Read the full blog

How to generate more leads through SEO

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a great way to organically grow your reach and be found by the right connections that can grow your business pipeline. Ranking higher than your competitors and driving more sales are just some of the benefits of SEO. Not sure how to rank higher on Google? We have you covered. Our 4 step guide tells you all you need to know on how to build a successful SEO strategy into your company’s marketing plans.

Read ‘How to generate more leads through SEO’

How to improve email open rates

Your email open rates aren’t as high as you’d like? Can’t work out why your well written email isn’t getting the results they deserve? This blog can help.

Email campaigns take a huge amount of time and effort, but can have a massive payoff if you get the fundamentals right. Follow our checklist to see…

Read ‘How to improve email open rates’

How to boost the impact of your email marketing

To create great emails, you need great data with a human edge. Barbour ABI has accumulated a mine of information about the construction industry which has become an invaluable resource for marketers.

This blog digs deeper into the Barbour ABI marketing archives to reveal how you can grow your business through the medium of email.

Read the full blog on how to boost the impact of your email marketing

What is a construction lead?

Do you or your company want to gain more sales and grow your pipeline, but you’re not sure how to do it? Currently, your pipeline may be busy, but the construction industry is known for working in advance. So how do you win new work and build relationships within the industry, to ensure that your solid body of work continues? The answer is through construction leads.

Construction lead is a term which is often used, but many are unclear on what it actually means. In order to acquire leads, it must first be established what a construction lead is. We explain everything that you need to know here.

Find out what a construction lead is and the benefits they can bring to you company

How to get the most out of your construction leads

Following on from our previous ‘What is a construction lead’ blog: You now have the leads but aren’t sure how to manage/use them effectively.

Not to worry, this blog reveals Barbour ABI’s 8 top tips on how to get the most out of your leads!

A top tip which is discovered in this article is to see the opportunity. As well as construction leads giving you project information, they also give you great insight into who these projects link to such as companies and decision makers. Meaning you can see who is regularly procuring your type of product or service and gives you the opportunity to strategically plan your approach.

Find out more on how to get the most of your construction leads

Digging for gold without the tools

If you’re marketing on behalf of a business, LinkedIn should be a key part of your strategic plan to grow sales enquiries online. The focus of this blog is spending time rather than money to succeed on LinkedIn. It all starts with what you can’t see when you log in: The LinkedIn algorithm.

Find out how to master algorithm

Our Marketing Mentors blogs are uploaded regularly so keep an eye out on our social media and news centre to discover more tips and tricks on how we can help you optimise your brand marketing activities. And don’t forget to get in touch at hello@barbour-abi.com if there’s anything that you’d love to add to our Content Calendar series!

About the author

Picture of Ellie Rourke

Ellie Rourke

Content Marketing Executive at Barbour ABI

Ellie Rourke is a Content Marketing Executive at Barbour ABI, who joined the Marketing team in September 2021. A recent Marketing graduate from the University of Salford, Ellie joined Barbour ABI to kick start her career and gain experience in a professional work environment.

Ellie also works within the Barbour Product Search team and helps manage the social media accounts, as well as writing engaging content for both Barbour Product Search and Barbour ABI.

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