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How To Boost The Impact of Your Email Marketing

by Kate Perrin


You need quality data… with a human edge

Here at Barbour ABI, we deal in the full spectrum of construction sales leads, from the earliest stages of planning through to contract awards.

Our in-house research team – the largest in our industry- has accumulated an absolute mine of information for and about the construction industry, and this has become an invaluable resource for marketers – from recruitment and insurers to constructors and product manufacturers’ marketers.

For this blog, I’m going to dig a little deeper into the Barbour ABI marketing archives to unearth a few gems to help you grow your business through the medium of email.


To help you capitalise on the data you have or can easily access

Why do you need great customer data? Quite simply, it tells you everything you need to know to get into the hearts and minds of your customers – and create fresh marketing approaches.

In a nutshell, customer data is worth its weight in gold. You may have more of it than you think. Ask yourself…

Q. How many regular/repeat customers do you have?

Then you know the best times to contact them – or when they go quiet – with all the information needed to personalise your comms and get your communications noticed.

Q. Which of your products/services do they buy?

Broaden their buying habits with themed emails, cross-sell or make connected recommendations.

Q. Who are your key/high value/most engaged customers?

Consider emailing them with VIP rewards or start up a loyalty scheme with benefits that upsell or ensure your business stays front of mind as a go-to destination.

Q. Where do you lose customers in the purchasing process?

This gives you extra ammo for tackling the specific reason via a targeted campaign (much like retailers do when customers leave items in their online shopping basket).

Q. How many people regularly open your marketing emails?

These are your warm leads. Time to ramp up your email intentions and seal the deal. Don’t let them go cold on you. Marketing automation can help massively with this. We track MQLs (marketing qualified leads) and SQLs (sales qualified leads). CTAs that lead to form fills are our typical definition of an SQL, but marketing automation is opening up so many more possibilities for your regular email ‘engaged’ to then go on a defined, personalised journey with you that proves their interest without them ever filling in a form!

We have partnered with automation experts in the field of construction so that our customers can benefit from lead nurturing without having to have the tech or expertise in-house. Please see this earlier blog: Follow-Up Playbook for Construction Leads

Q. How many people see your blog content?

You can use this data too. For example, we could email you about your interest in data and marketing after reading this blog! If you send a timely email about a topic they are engaging with right now, that will most definitely have a better chance of winning them over and encouraging them to engage with the content and the CTA.

Q. What devices are they using to view your content online?

You can tailor your email marketing to work better or react with that specific device. We are all time poor and we want to be able to consume stuff on the go using our preferred device. Formatting and experience must be spot on – strive for perfection.

Q. Do you know vital transaction details like time, value or what was purchased?

Use this in your follow up emails to start up thinking that could lead to further transactions. Facts can reassure your prospects and clients and will make them understand that you understand them, their needs and exactly how you can help to understand them.

Q. Do you use basic customer info like address, name, customer ID?

These are classic personalisation techniques amidst an inbox full of cold, round robin emails; you should use these whenever possible.

If you have any questions – get in touch!

7 INTEL SOURCES To hook you up with the right data

Google Analytics
Google Search Console
YouTube analytics
Marketing Automation Dashboard (if you have one)
CRM Analytics

4 WAYS TO USE CUSTOMER DATA To get a leading edge over your competitors

New and innovative ways to segment audiences

3 BIG IMPACTS – Why consumer data and email marketing is vital

90of content marketers say email engagement is the top metric they track to measure content performance.
~760% increase in revenue for marketers who use segmented campaigns
35of marketers send their customers 3-5 emails per week – how does your CRM compare?

Source: Campaign Monitor

Looking for any data in particular?

Through access to the latest construction industry data, Barbour ABI strives to help connect our customers with their prospects, at the right time.

Our team of UK-based researchers, the largest in our industry, flesh out project and planning application details, delivering fully personally researched sales leads to subscribers. This opens up access to upwardsof 1.8 million live construction projects.

As a subscriber, you can access this mine of information through our web portal, viewing the details of the job, key decision makers and their contact details. Projects are updated as they progress through planning, through the tendering process and to contract awards stages – all information can benefit companies with different specialities within the building trade.

With projects running two or three years in advance of going on site coming in from the planning system, and projects stretching back twenty years into the past, it’s a hugely versatile database to a creative sales team or business development manager. Imagine what that could do for your business…

Thanks for reading, Marketing Mentors. Have a great day ¬– Kate 🙂

About the author

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Kate Perrin

Group Marketing Director at Barbour ABI

Kate Perrin is the Group Marketing Director at Barbour ABI. She has enjoyed a 15+ year career in various B2B marketing leadership positions. Passionate about striving to achieve personalised experiences for every customer who engages with Barbour ABI group companies, Kate loves how advancements in martech are making this easier and better.

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