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The Importance of Sustainable Construction

by Ellie Rourke

This month’s content calendar theme is Sustainability. The term sustainability has become a huge talking point in recent years, especially in the construction industry. That is why this month we will be releasing content to help construction companies understand the importance of sustainable construction, in the hope we will create a greener, more sustainable industry.

What is sustainable construction?

We are all familiar with the general term sustainability, but what does sustainable construction really mean? The British Assessment Bureau states that for construction to be sustainable, it must use renewable and recyclable materials when building a new structure and minimise energy consumption and waste.

The main goal when it comes to sustainable construction, is to reduce the industry’s impact on the environment. Currently, the construction industry has a huge negative impact on the environment. Statistics reveal that the industry accounts for 36% of worldwide energy usage and 40% of CO2 emissions and produces a mass amount of waste, 100 million tonnes to be exact. On top of producing enormous amounts of waste, 13% of all materials on site go directly to waste without even being used!

Why construction needs to become more sustainable

After reading the above statistics, we as an industry know we need to change. The entire world is recognising the importance of sustainability, as climate change becomes more concerning each and every year.

Industries are now recognising that being a sustainable business has other benefits, on top of saving the planet! Sustainable construction is going to be seen much more in the industry in the future, so if companies aren’t implementing better practices, they may be left behind.

Throughout construction’s history, we have seen a massive development in sustainable practices, and we will see it again as more companies become sustainable by recycling and reusing materials and using alternative energy sources.

When it comes to making decisions for your business, they must be supported and backed up by accurate information. This is where AMA Research step in. AMA Research, part of the Barbour ABI group, are the experts in providing key, relevant and current information across a range of market sectors to help you make strategic business development and marketing decisions.

AMA Research understand the importance of sustainability and has released 4 reports which can help inform your business when making those changes.

Utility Scale Solar Farms Market Report UK 2022-2026

The Utility Scale Solar Farms Market Report UK 2022-2026 is the first issue in a new series of reports all about renewable energy. The report provides a deep analysis of the development pipeline, key stakeholders, including owners, investors and developers and the key drivers.

The UK is now legally bound to reaching Net Zero carbon emissions by 2050 and much of the focus of efforts is on ramping up solar power capacity. To achieve this target, roof-top installations cannot be solely relied on. The key is expanding deployment of utility scale solar farms of 5MWp and above.

Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Market Report – UK 2021-2025

The Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Market Report UK 2021-2025 is the upcoming third edition of this report and provides a comprehensive and up to date review of the structure of the electric vehicle charging market.

This is a unique report which provides both quantitative and qualitative analysis of the ‘charging station products’ market. The report focuses on market size and trends, product mix, supply and future prospects and will facilitate operational and strategic decision making processes.

Utilities Construction: Gas and Electric Market Report UK 2021-2025

This report on Gas and Electricity Utilities Construction reviews in detail both renewable and non-renewable energy generation, distribution and storage. The report analyses the number, scale and location of projects for each energy source – including wind (onshore and offshore), solar, biomass, hydro, nuclear and gas.

Residential Central Heating Market Report – UK 2021-2025

This report is the 15th edition of the Residential Central Heating Market Report. Following the December 2021 new government rules which outlined that CO2 emissions for new build homes must be around 30% lower than previous standards, this will lead to huge changes in the construction industry especially the residential sector.

AMA Research are providing you with an informed and up-to-date review of the residential central heating market, which now includes heat pumps as these products will increasingly be designed to deliver improved thermal performance and produce lower carbon emissions.

View all Renewable Energy and Sustainable Construction Reports

If you would like to find out which reports are the right fit for you and will get you the most out your money, you can now ask an AMA Research Expert for their advice in a free consultation.

About the author

Ellie Rourke

Ellie Rourke

Content Marketing Executive at Barbour ABI

Ellie Rourke is a Content Marketing Executive at Barbour ABI, who joined the Marketing team in September 2021. A recent Marketing graduate from the University of Salford, Ellie joined Barbour ABI to kick start her career and gain experience in a professional work environment.

Ellie also works within the Barbour Product Search team and helps manage the social media accounts, as well as writing engaging content for both Barbour Product Search and Barbour ABI.

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