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The Barbour ABI Difference

  • A warm welcome to your partnership with us
  • We will map out your journey to success – including how we can reinforce your short, mid and long-term business goals
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager assigned within the first week of sign up
  • Access to market-leading data in three clicks, with 99% uptime
  • Communication channels to suit you, with a personal response from us in as little as two minutes
  • Access to Barbour ABI wherever you are – 24/7 (mobile and desktop)
  • Webinars and training sessions to suit your needs
  • Access to a platform that is continually developing
  • Working with a company trusted by the Office of National Statistics (ONS), Construction Products Association (CPA) and BRE
  • Frequent contact with us throughout your journey
  • Building a foundation for success from the start

Experts at Building Trust

Right from the start, working with us will not only provide you with access to Barbour ABI’s market-leading platform, a dedicated Customer Success Manager will be assigned to you who will ensure you’re on the pathway to success.
You will build an excellent relationship with your Customer Success Manager, who will take time to understand the intricacies of your business, as well as your unique needs and aspirations. They will soon become a valued extension of your team and will support you with how to use the Barbour ABI platform effectively – making the intelligence work hard on your behalf.
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Group Sales Director
Rich Pennington


Customer Experience Manager


Customer Success Team Manager

Keeping You Better Connected

At Barbour ABI, we take a proactive approach to ensuring customers are happy. We want to provide the tools and support needed to succeed and flourish using our invaluable platform. Whether you’re a product manufacturer looking for high value commercial projects nationally, a recruitment agency looking to place the best construction candidates within your local region or a contractor wanting to build new relationships within the industry – we have the expertise to connect you to a wealth of data and intelligence catered specifically to your business goals.
When you become a customer of ours, you can expect to hear from us frequently. We seek to support our customers every day through various communication channels to make accessing our experts as easy and convenient as possible. Using phone, email, live chat and social media – your dedicated Customer Success Manager and the wider team is always on hand to answer your questions and share insight to help you achieve your goals.

Adding Value to the Industry

We pride ourselves on being market leader and take this role very seriously, continuously developing and seeking new ways to add value throughout our customers’ journey with us. During every interaction with our wide range of customers across key sectors including infrastructure, leisure, residential and retail, we use this opportunity to ensure they have access to the data and intelligence they need – seeking to develop our products and services in line with demand.
To further nurture the Barbour ABI community in addition to our other products and services, we release an interactive and informative update each month. This includes details on the latest developments from the Barbour ABI group, as well as insights from key figures in the industry.
We also feature regular industry-focused reports that relate current affairs, economic developments and key trends to our industry. Written by our expert economics team and used regularly by national journalists, authorities and government departments, as well as by many of our customers in their monthly business meetings, these reports come free of charge to customers with a subscription to Barbour ABI.

Customer Success

Stage One
to success
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Week 1

You will be introduced to your dedicated Customer Success Manager and set up on the Barbour ABI platform.

Month 1
Weekly Catch-Ups

Your Customer Success Manager will be in touch regularly to assess your specific needs and ensure your journey is off to the best start.

Month 2
Sales Check-In & Training Review

Your Customer Success Manager will also speak to you about your training needs and ensure you have the right knowledge to fully utilise the Barbour ABI platform for your business.

Stage Two
to success
Nurture Icon


Month 3-6
Review & Report

Your Customer Success Manager will be in touch regularly to ensure you are fully supported. We will review your usage of the platform* and provide you with valuable data that will give you visibility on how your team is engaging with the platform.

*minimum usage required

Stage Three
to success
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Month 6-12
Annual Update & Assessment

Having developed an understanding of your business and usage requirements, your Customer Success Manager will be there to ensure you continue to achieve optimal return on investment with us and introduce you to any additional services we provide that would be of benefit to your business. Further training will be provided and we will continue to support new users as required.

Stage Four
to success
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Year 2 and beyond
Continue Your Journey

Your Customer Success Manager will keep supporting you and review your usage of the platform year-on-year to track your progress with us and assess your growing needs.

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