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Finding and Nurturing your Barbour ABI Leads

by Peter Chesters

We want to give you a deeper understanding of what goes on behind the scenes at Barbour ABI, as well as connecting with major figures within the industry to learn what makes them thrive. This month we are speaking to Luke Rigby. Luke is the founder of Build Momentum, a telemarketing platform that takes care of finding and nurturing leads for Barbour ABI customers.

Hi Luke, what is Build Momentum and how do you help Barbour ABI customers?

When setting up Build Momentum I wanted to use my telemarketing and construction experience to focus solely on helping the construction industry by filling gaps in the experience of customers to make the most of their Barbour ABI subscriptions.

We provide two main services. Firstly, Businesses Development: this is where we do the legwork for Barbour ABI customers by logging into their account and finding the right leads that offer the best chance of success for their business. We will then get on the phone and speak to decision makers and contracts managers for the client and arrange meetings or get tender documentation over to put a price together for the job.

Our second service, which makes us more unique, is an estimating service. Again, this can help to take a load off customers’ shoulders when they are too busy to deal with the extra tenders and quotations that come from expert use of Barbour ABI’s platforms.

Your platform is able to help clients of all sizes; how do you differentiate your process in order to satisfy the needs of every client?

The Barbour ABI data is gold dust, but it needs the means, expertise and time to be able to dig through the data and pick out the pieces that will bring you the best chance of strong return on investment. For the smaller firms who don’t have the wider staff base, it can be a difficult experience to pick up the phone and make the calls without experience of telemarketing or the wider construction industry. All of our staff have these qualities and we can take that burden away from customers’ staff members who are better suited to other areas of the business.

We have clients who we do all of their estimating for. These tend to be smaller contractors and builders. We fill the gaps in their expertise so that the client can focus on what they do best.

Another option that we can provide for smaller subcontractors is an audit to let them know what they would need to do to put themselves forward for larger contracts. For example, we can tell you what insurances and certifications you need moving forward, as we know the ins and outs of what is needed to be eligible to win work with national housebuilders. This obviously isn’t a conversation we’d need to have with the larger, more experienced contractors, so we tailor these types of services to match what your needs are, no matter what size your business is.

What main benefits have you found for your clients in the new Barbour ABI platform?

As we log into Barbour ABI directly on behalf of our clients, we are constantly using the platform and learning the new features.

The really powerful new feature for us is how easy and quick it is now to see which companies work with one another on a consistent basis. Learning which subcontractors work with which main contractors; which consultants work with which clients etc. This allows us to pinpoint our opponents in congested areas of the market, and to see where there are gaps in the market that we can exploit to win you work.

With so many immediate concerns coming about for companies in the last 6 months, how have you adapted to ease the burden on customers?

We’ve believed since the beginning of this situation that it is crucial to be proactive and positive, which our customers have wholeheartedly agreed with.

Most of our clients are on month to month contracts, which means that we’ve proven our worth to them over and over again during these months where resources have been so tight. We are cost-effective and the opportunities that we generate speak for themselves.

It’s been a great opportunity for us to help our customers retrain sales staff who would have been out on the road, and have them appreciate a service like Barbour ABI more than ever before.

Build Momentum telemarketing and supportive services can help you to secure Barbour ABI leads.
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About the author

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Peter Chesters

Head of Demand Generation at Barbour ABI

Peter has worked for Barbour ABI since March 2019. Beginning in the Barbour Product Search editorial team, he then moved into the Barbour ABI Marketing team in late 2019, mainly focusing on writing and content creation. In 2021 Peter began to head up the Barbour Product Search editorial team.

As Head of Demand Generation, Peter now works across Barbour ABI, Barbour Product Search and AMA Research, focusing on new business marketing strategy and content creation across the Barbour ABI Group.

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