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Construction Marketing Post-Brexit

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Following Brexit, the UK’s official withdrawal from the EU on January 31st 2020, the construction industry has had to contend with numerous challenges, also largely relating to the impacts of Covid-19. Covid 19 meant many sites and projects were shut down. There were impacts on supply chains (including availability and prices) and increased health and … Read more

Women in Construction – Olivia Atkinson, Client Services Manager at Insynth Marketing

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One of the best ways to increase representation is to hear from the underrepresented voices of women in construction.   So, I interviewed Olivia Atkinson, Client Services Manager at Insynth Marketing, about her experience as a woman working in construction marketing.   She has had a positive experience but does have some hopes for change in the construction industry in the future. She … Read more

The CEO’s Role in Marketing 

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The CEO’s Role in Marketing With clean energy goals in place, Executives have an opportunity to get in front of the camera and educate their audience about what can be done to meet these requirements. But when you’re running a business it’s hard to feel like it’s worth your time to create videos, blogs, and helpful content pieces. Surely a phone call or a meeting is more important? Don’t … Read more

From Brand-Centric to Customer-Centric: Shifting the Focus of Construction Sales and Marketing

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Does your business find it difficult to bring in new jobs and specifications? Here’s a simple construction sales and marketing idea that can help get traction on your website, emails, sales scripts, or CPDs. Buyers are looking for businesses who “get it”. More buyers (yes, even in the construction industry) are doing their research online. … Read more

The Revenue Engine of Office 2.0

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As there continues to be uncertainty in the market, marketing budgets are being cut and more is being expected of sales teams. However, when I ask sales teams “how it’s going”, these are some of the answers I get: “Everyone’s furloughed.” “I only get out-of-offices.” “If I was in London, I used to look up … Read more

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