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Construction Project Leads: Choosing a provider

The construction industry is changing rapidly and being able to win business from new projects means having real-time access to high quality project leads – before your competitors. With a number of organisations offering leads, understanding how the leads are sourced, qualified and presented is key for choosing the right provider.

Selection Criteria

The below table identifies five key areas to consider when selecting a provider:
Area of focusBarbour ABI ApproachWhat to avoid
Data quality✓ Lead data sourced by the largest UK-based construction intelligence research team
✓ Personal relationships built with key decision makers with all information verified via a phone call
✓ Key project decision makers actively opt-in to receive updates
✓ All data is up-to-date and available in real time
✓ Trusted by government bodies, the ONS and Google
✖ Over-reliance on data scraping and desk research
✖ Lack of opt-in
✖ Data lag
Customisable Packages✓ Only pay for what you need
✓ Granular filtering at a sub-sector and sub-region level
✓ Customised reporting options
✖ Wastage due to lack of custom configurability
Intuitive User Interface✓ New easy-to-use cross-device platform
✓ Find highly relevant leads in just 2-3 clicks
✓ Access projects at any value and stage of the project timeline
✖ Poor UI which results in low employee adoption rates
1-2-1 Service✓ Detailed up-front consultation
✓ Two month full on-boarding support
✓ Access to individual researchers for specific project assistance
✓ Dedicated regional-level account manager
✓ < 24 hour enquiry SLA
✖ Lack of regional-level support and expertise
✖ No access to individuals researching a given project
360 Industry View✓ Access to wider industry insights to aid with strategic planning
✓ Access to exclusive content via trusted partners (e.g. CPA, FIS, BBA, UKCW, Construction Enquirer)
✖ Lack of wider industry context
Scrutinising a provider against these five key areas will help ensure you access the highest quality leads at exactly the right time during the project lifecycle.

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