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Cutting Through the Noise to Clarify Construction Data

The recent Construction Index article “Data gatherers differ in their diagnoses” appears to have got some key data points confused. What is clear is that firstly, there are a lot of statistics out there and secondly, construction is a very challenging beast to understand – not least when there are so many external factors at … Read more

Budget Reactions with Tom Hall

Rishi Reaction

The autumn 2021 budget arrived with the economy in a better place than expected, thanks to the success of Covid-19 vaccines keeping hospital admissions from overwhelming the NHS. This gave the chancellor more to play with than anticipated. Overall, it was a cautious budget, leaving room for manoeuvre towards the end of the parliament. Help … Read more

Should We Be Preparing For A UK Construction Supercycle?

Contractors Looking at Building in Construction

Recent declarations on the future of infrastructure investment have suggested the UK construction industry, and indeed world infrastructure is in for a boom period as governments decarbonise and invest in public services after 30 years of underinvestment. Analysis of our planning pipeline suggests a strong next couple of years for the infrastructure and public sectors. … Read more

Construction Forecasting in a Pandemic

Helmet and Blueprints Background Header

Forecasters have had a tough gig in recent times. The word “unprecedented” gets banded about a lot, but 16 months into a global pandemic we have, and continue to experience an economic and social environment with no comparison in living memory. Nevertheless, we all still need to make plans, which means making a stab at … Read more

Launching our latest report – Deep Insights

Deep Insights

Barbour ABI launches new quarterly report diving deep into the construction industry outlook This month, Barbour ABI will launch the first in its new report series named Deep Insights. The aim is to look deeper into each sector to give you a better understanding of trends at the subsector level underneath the headlines that we … Read more

What is ‘Recreative Construction’?

Brian Green

This month our Chief Economist Tom Hall spoke to construction consultant, commentator and all round expert Brian Green. Brian discussed the inspiration and background to the Recreative Construction series that he has written exclusively for Barbour ABI. The series looks at three major factors that will define the future of construction: climate change, digitisation and … Read more

Budget 2021 reactions from industry insiders

Rishi Reaction

With shafts of restriction-easing light starting to spear through the gloom of the third national lockdown, the 2021 budget focused on maintaining much-needed emergency support measures to lessen the damage wrought by Covid-19. The chancellor, a fiscal conservative, again made it clear that support measures are time limited and will be withdrawn in the autumn. … Read more

Building back better in the 2021 budget

Will the CLC be heard in the 21/22 budget?

2021 Budget: What should be be focusing on? Recent events have shown the need for long term and joined up planning. The Coronavirus pandemic has, in a sense, drawn a veil back to reveal the need for a prosperous, well-functioning society. More than this, everything is connected. Short term or narrow thinking creates unintended consequences. … Read more

Introducing ‘Recreative Construction’ from Brian Green

Recreative Construction

“Recreative Construction” is a new, exclusive and free-to-access series of articles written by experienced construction industry commentator Brian Green for Barbour ABI and supported by the Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB). Recreative Construction will be examining the challenges facing the construction community and diving into how you can work towards building a better future for … Read more

Our Newest Construction Market Report

Snap Analysis

This week we decided to interview our Chief Economist, Tom Hall on the new and improved Economic and Construction Market Review renamed, Snap Analysis. Find out what he had to say here What is Snap Analysis? Each month, the Barbour ABI economics team produces a report analysing construction contract awards comparing historical activity levels by … Read more

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