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Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, we have continued to track and research all construction projects across the UK at the same rate as always. Our research team (the largest in the UK) have been functioning at full capacity and we have created an invaluable picture of the industry and the impact the lockdown has caused.

We have been individually validating and updating the status of our extensive portfolio of construction projects with the latest information and producing analysis and research on the latest impacts and trends.

At the peak of the crisis we had updated 4,800 projects delayed or stopped worth over £70bn.

Since then we have confirmed over 3,100 projects as on-site with a value of £101bn.

We would like to give you access to a free of charge Smart Map that will allow you to utilise the very latest research collated by our in-house team of inquisitive researchers, and our clever economics experts.

Our Smart Map will allow you to view details on confirmed active sites. It’s smart because it’s interactive. Use our foolproof filters that include sector and location, to tell the map the projects you are most interested in learning about.

Access it quickly, act on the data smartly, and get back to work faster.



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