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Project Prospecta – a new lead generation service for Barbour ABI subscribers

by Barbour ABI Content Team

Project Prospecta is a marketing service, launched in September 2020, designed exclusively for Barbour ABI customers. Their mission is to help building product businesses find and qualify leads automatically. They do this using the latest marketing technology and strategy and construction market intelligence provided by Barbour ABI.

Making the Most of Construction Project Information

Barbour ABI is the market leader in construction market intelligence, and the amount of project information they supply is extensive. Project Prospecta created a little piece of tech they call “ProBots” to help tap into its full potential. These ProBots automatically find good-fit contacts in the Barbour ABI database for clients. Then they segment the contacts, nurture prospects with relevant messages, and ultimately deliver hot leads to sales teams.

How do the ProBots do it? It isn’t without the help of a great team. Expert marketers and writers at Project Prospecta interview clients to make sure the voice and topics of their messaging are consistent with the client and their audience. They then craft messages that leverage existing marketing materials. The result is an email campaign carried out by ProBots that helps clients get in front of their audience.

These campaigns focus on content, lead nurturing, and lead generation.


The messages are written to anticipate challenges prospects face in regards to the projects they are currently working on. They include things like helpful tips, advice, case studies, videos, and checklists. Prospects usually find these types of messages relevant and helpful so they often achieve a high rate of engagement.

Lead Nurturing

The campaign nurtures leads by being responsive to the prospects level of engagement and gradually builds trust over time. By doing this, leads become increasingly aware of the brand, interested in the products, and responsive to calls-to-action. A prospect who wouldn’t have booked a meeting at the beginning of the campaign may be eager to by the end.

Lead Generation

Project Prospecta notifies clients sales teams of any hot leads as they develop. ProBots monitor prospect’s engagement and check for high-level of interest. When a prospect becomes qualified for a sales call, a notification is sent to a sales representative.

This type of real-time notification followed by immediate outreach has been shown to increase the likelihood of lead conversion.

Probit Workflow Visualisation

The Response

One client, National Platforms, had their “best month ever” the same month they started with Project Prospecta.

Another client, The Solid Wood Flooring Company, said:

“We quickly accrued a number of fresh leads that we would likely have otherwise missed. Brilliant service at an affordable cost. We would highly recommend the team at Project Prospecta.”

It’s great to see strategy and technology translate to real world results for well-deserving companies.


Project Prospecta’s goal is to help businesses find more leads with Barbour ABI. By combining ProBot technology with advanced marketing strategy they make sure that no Barbour ABI lead goes unexplored or undeveloped. This assures clients they are getting the best ROI from their Barbour ABI subscription.

The team at Project Prospecta are very grateful to be teaming up with the team at Barbour ABI. Barbour ABI’s commitment to great research and vision for the future make them the perfect partner. Together Barbour ABI and Project Prospecta are seeking to provide maximum value to their subscribers.

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