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Trust the construction intelligence platform from the market leader with the largest UK-based team of researchers and experts, to keep you better connected.
Barbour ABI is an intuitive, online platform that gives you the who, what, where, how and when behind every UK construction project relevant to you. Reach key decision makers with your products and services at the right time to maximise your business potential.
Our research team, through over 100,000 hours of research every year, find out all the important information so you don’t have to – you can focus your time and resources on mobilising your business development efforts in the right way, to the right person, at the right time.
With access to Barbour ABI, all of this and more is at your fingertips.

Key Features


Discover More Opportunities Easily

Time is a valuable resource for any business.

Barbour ABI helps you make the most of yours.

The platform cuts through the noise to find the projects relevant to you. You get total control over a set of powerful filters. Using these, you find projects based on factors of your choosing.

Find projects based on their location, value or build phase.

Find projects based on materials, frameworks or the companies involved.

Combine several filters to uncover the projects perfect for your business.

And you need only ever perform a search once. With Barbour ABI’s Saved Search Feeds, you’ll get notifications whenever your filter settings are triggered.

So, you’re always ahead of time to nurture prospects and win more business.

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Network Like a Pro

Barbour ABI’s Relationships tool means smarter, speedier networking.

The Relationships tool gives you a clear, detailed view of all the companies and connections underpinning a construction project.

From architects to developers, contractors to installers – it’s all laid out here. You also get detailed breakdowns of each company’s history.

Do the architects on that new project have a preferred contractor?

Is that roofing subcontractor an approved installer of your product?

Relationships lets you identify mutual connections and potential in-roads. It’s invaluable insider information. So, you only progress the opportunities you have a strong chance of winning.

Smarter, speedier networking with Barbour ABI.


Target your Next Projects and Partnerships

Barbour ABI’s League Table feature shows you who the key players are. Locally, nationally, and sector by sector.

Identify the most prolific and prominent companies working in and around construction. From architects to surveyors; landscapers to electrical engineers. The companies ranked either by their total value, or their number of projects.

Want to know who the biggest electrical subcontractors in Newcastle are? Or the most successful commercial architects in South London? It’s easy with League Tables.

And using the Relationships tool, you can predict the projects these companies will be working on next. You can then reach out to decision-makers on these projects, long before they’re awarded.

With Barbour ABI, you will never again be too late to win a contract.

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Stay up to date – anywhere, anytime, any device

Barbour ABI hosts information on every single planning application in the UK, alongside a wealth of relevant non-planning information, carefully sourced by our dedicated research teams. This means that at any given time, upwards of 1.8 million UK construction projects are on the platform.

And as our dedicated research teams learn, validate, qualify and upload new info, any relevant tags or saved searches you’ve created within Barbour ABI will be triggered. You’ll instantly receive notifications informing you of these real-time developments, keeping you comfortably ahead of the curve.

On-site, on the road, or out-of-office? Not a problem: the Barbour ABI mobile app updates with the same regularity as the desktop platform, so you and your team are always in-sync and fully up-to-speed. We know that it’s frustrating when a mobile app gives you a lesser experience than its desktop version. That’s why we took the forward-thinking approach of designing our mobile app first, to ensure you always have access to all of Barbour ABI’s functionality, no matter how you choose to access it.


Instantly Access Research Specialists

Got a burning question about a project or company? There may be times when you need a specific piece of information. Information that will help you progress an opportunity.

This might relate to a project that falls outside your subscription. Or a rumour you’ve heard that you can’t fully confirm. Or a project that you need up-to-the-second updates on.

That’s why we offer Project Enquiries.

Project Enquiries gives you instant access to our in-house research team – the best and largest in the industry. We get back to all customers’ Project Enquiries within 24 hours. Our research teams are UK-based, abundantly staffed, highly capable and motivated to help you succeed.

You’ll be connected to a research specialist who’s familiar with the project in question.

They’ll hit the phones and quiz their contacts until they’ve got you the answers you need

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