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CRASH Christmas Card Appeal 2021

The Crash Christmas card appeal

CRASH has been the UK construction industry’s charity since 1996 and this Christmas they need your help! Since being founded in 1996, CRASH has made it their mission to help the less fortunate, not just at Christmas but all year round. CRASH is a charity which helps homeless adults and anyone who needs end of … Read more

Why Product Traceability Matters

Adam Turk

This month in our 4 Questions interview, we spoke to Adam Turk, CEO of Siderise, which provides innovative insulation solutions for fire, acoustic, and thermal applications internationally. With the surge of digitisation within the construction industry, we spoke to Adam about the company’s adoption of the new BSI Identify system – an innovation set to … Read more

Budget Reactions with Tom Hall

Rishi Reaction

The autumn 2021 budget arrived with the economy in a better place than expected, thanks to the success of Covid-19 vaccines keeping hospital admissions from overwhelming the NHS. This gave the chancellor more to play with than anticipated. Overall, it was a cautious budget, leaving room for manoeuvre towards the end of the parliament. Help … Read more

The Power of People in UK Construction

Kudos in Construction

Many believe this to be a pivotal moment in the future of UK construction. Demand is outstripping supply – both in terms of people as well as materials. An ageing workforce due to retire, a lack of young people acquiring the specialist trades skills the industry needs and the impact of Brexit have created what … Read more

What Green Energy Means In Construction Terms

Wind Farm

Meeting the government’s 2050 net-zero greenhouse gas emissions commitment presents an unprecedented engineering challenge. Not only is it legally binding, but the existential threat of climate change provides one of the greatest imperatives for humanity, let alone the construction sector. Sizing The Challenge However, the sheer scale of what will be required is breathtaking. Stop … Read more

Understanding the different types of construction projects

Understanding the different types of construction projects

Understanding the different types of construction projects (and why it matters for lead generation) Projects by their very nature are one-off, temporary tasks that see a building or structure go from drawing board to completion. That’s why there’s a constant need for construction companies to be on the lookout for new projects – once their … Read more

The 8 biggest challenges faced in the construction industry today

The 8 biggest challenges faced in the construction industry today

Like any other industry, construction is constantly having to adapt to new challenges. The challenges facing the engineers aiming to tunnel near Stonehenge might be very different to those faced by the monument’s Neolithic builders, but when something needs doing, builders find a way.  It’s generally a good thing, of course, to respond to such … Read more

Should We Be Preparing For A UK Construction Supercycle?

Contractors Looking at Building in Construction

Recent declarations on the future of infrastructure investment have suggested the UK, and indeed world infrastructure is in for a boom period as governments decarbonise and invest in public services after 30 years of underinvestment. Analysis of our planning pipeline suggests a strong next couple of years for the infrastructure and public sectors. After that … Read more

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