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Autism Acceptance Week 2023 – Making Reasonable Accommodations

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After being offered a position, a candidate who may not have disclosed in the interview, may disclose during the onboarding process. This process should give a new employee with a disability to chance to explain to their employer what their disability is and the reasonable accommodations they require. It would then be helpful to arrange … Read more

Autism Acceptance Week 2023 – Job Advertisements and Interviews

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When I was looking a new job, I saw a lot of companies use phrases in their job adverts such as ‘disability confident’ or ‘we are an inclusive employer and do not discriminate against race, age, gender or disability’. When I applied for these jobs some would respond asking if I needed any accommodations at … Read more

Reasonable Adjustments

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Reasonable adjustments are not favouritism or perks to my work day. Reasonable adjustments are something your employer might have to make to help you do your job as well as someone without a disability. The Equality Act 2010 calls these ‘reasonable adjustments’. They can be changes to policies, working practices or physical layouts, or providing … Read more

Masking and Autistic Burnout

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You may or may not have heard the term ‘high functioning’ when it comes to Autism Spectrum Disorder as well as low functioning or mild/severe autism. There is no such thing because these labels describe a linear version of autism which most people who do not understand the condition often refer to it as. However, … Read more

Autism Acceptance Week 2022

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When you think about autism what are the things that come to mind? Is it maths? Is it boys? Is it somebody rocking or flapping? How about an inability to communicate? Or T.V programmes like ATypical, The Good Doctor or The A Word (All of which the main character is played by a male)? There … Read more

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