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The Fast Train to Opportunity

Recruiters in Construction Gear

UK construction has relied for years on importing EU skilled labour. Now it must turn to investing heavily and rapidly in training if it is to meet the huge challenges and opportunities that lie ahead The list of things that need urgent improvement in the built environment is huge, perhaps bigger than at any time … Read more

Why UK Construction Must Prepare For Slower Population Growth

Greyscale Housing Site

Brexit and Covid-19 put an end to the UK’s high population growth. This presents a challenge for construction. Imagine you could use one graphic only to describe the uncertainties and possible divergences facing UK construction today. That’s tough. There is so much change afoot. Net-zero carbon targets? Digital technologies distorting demand? Off-site manufacture and labour … Read more

Green technology: designing for low carbon

Aecom Embodied Carbon and Cost Optioneering Tool Render

With the construction industry and the built environment being major emitters of carbon, reducing embodied as well as operational C0₂ in new-builds have become paramount twin goals for designers. Consultant Aecom, like many of its peers, has been working on solutions that might give countries such as the UK any kind of shot at achieving … Read more

4 Questions with Tom Moloney

Tom Moloney

In our 4 Questions Interview… This month we spoke to Tom Moloney, Managing Director at CIS Ireland. CIS work closely with Barbour ABI, and Tom laid out the company’s history, as well as the future prospects of Irish construction as the industry recovers from 2020. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Tom, can you tell me about yourself and your company … Read more

The CEO’s Role in Marketing 

Robot Graphic

Written by Jack Meisinger, General Manager of Project Prospecta The CEO’s Role in Marketing With clean energy goals in place, Executives have an opportunity to get in front of the camera and educate their audience about what can be done to meet these requirements. But when you’re running a business it’s hard to feel like it’s worth your time to create videos, blogs, and helpful content pieces. Surely a … Read more

Lockdown restrictions to the housing market – How has it affected construction?

Lockdown restrictions to the housing market - How has it affected construction?

The COVID-19 pandemic had a major impact on sectors across the U.K. construction industry and beyond. At the height of the pandemic, Barbour ABI data confirmed that the industry saw at least £70bn worth of projects delayed or on-hold due to the impact of the coronavirus. In the following weeks, construction was designated as essential … Read more

How does the Google Core Web Vitals update relate to the construction industry?

How does the Google Core Web Vitals update relate to the construction industry?

You might be wondering what the algorithmic movements of Google have to do with the construction industry. Why should you care about a pending update, and what are the wider implications? In this article, we explore the relationship between the search landscape and the construction industry, and how this also relates to one primary constant… … Read more

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